Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez Chevez - Guitar

Carlos Perez Chevez was born July 28, 1948 in Lima, Peru. His parents were from Chiclayo. He was raised in a neighborhood of Lima (Peru) called Barrios Altos. He married Lupe Santillana.

Carlos dabbled in folk music at an early age, and in 1975 created a band with Paco Segura, and Lalo Portocarrero. They appeared on Peruvian television many times.

Another important stage of his life was with the Duo Matices del Peru, which won a music festival in Chimbote in 1987, with the song "Of the Same Blood" (composed by Luis Abelardo Núñez). Later on another hit would occur with their interpretation of "Cristo Morado" (composedby Dr. Rodolfo Gonzales).

Because of his years of work with the Duo Los Matices del Peru, in 1989 Carlos was invited to Club Peru in New York for a series of presentations in the United States.

Later, his passion for folk music took and unexpected turn when he met Walter Penaranda, a renowned Andean musician. Carlos and Walter performed in many cities throughout the U.S., up until 1996.
Finally, in 2000, after several visits to the city of Atlanta, Georgia, Carlos decided to settle there.


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