Fernando Manrique

Fernando Manrique - Guitar / Bass

Fernando Manrique was born on February 18, 1961 in Lima-Peru , comes from cradle of artists.

It took years and the moments between guitars and scenarios, accompanying on the international platforms Guillermo Dávila (Venezuelan singer and actor), Cheo Feliciano (Fania All Star’s legend), among others.
Fernando, also has been the bass player and Music Director of the Latin Grammy’s winner singer-composer Gianmarco, for seven years.

One of the most important in his career happened when he made arrangements for a song that would be presented at the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile, even for the Orchestra that accompanied the Peruvian song in that such an outstanding international event.

He has also been Music Director of Cecilia Barraza, Cecilia Bracamonte and Edith Bar and Pepe Vasquez.
He played next to indisputable figures such as Eva Ayllón, recorded an album with the “hermanos Gaytan Castro” and played in the presentation of the album "The dream of los Apus" at the Teatro Municipal de Lima.


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