John Zorrilla

John Zorrilla - Founder and Artistic Director & Charango / Quenas / Zampoñas

John Zorrilla Matos was born in Huancayo (Peru). He grew up, filled with the legends and Andean traditions as told by the elders. Early in his life, this knowledge caused him to have a great affection and respect for ancestral art, music and dance.

He worked several years Ad Honorem in the National Institute of Culture of Junín, Peru. Later in the Ministry of Education as an artistic and educational promoter and professor of arts, promoting and teaching the dances of the central region of Peru. He obtained awards in national and local contests, as well as abroad.

Nevertheless, it was finally the music that inspired him a deep, personal, emotional and cultural way enabling him to express the ancestral spirituality of his people. That sensitivity has also enabled him to participate in the recording and production of Latin American and Folkloric Music that is shaped in the following creations:

1987 Kunthur Album: Song to Love PERU

1998 Winds of the People Album: Extending in Time VENEZUELA.

2007 Winds of the People Album: Moon Light EEUU.

2010 Apu Inka Album: Melodies of the Andes EEUU .

In Atlanta, he founded and integrated the project Apu Inka (2008), with the intention of continuing with the diffusion of Latin American music and as a mature expression to cultivate the art as a universal language to unite the people.

At present, he carries out his creativity through music leading to the well- deserved recognition of the community; and, this continues wherever he performs.


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