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Raul Montanez - Percussion

Raul Montanez Taboada, was born in the city of Bellavista - El Callao, at the age of nine years had leanings percussion instruments. Son of parents artists, she actress and singer he tangos.
In 1977 he emigrated to the US and settled in New York, shares the stage with Alvaro Perez, Maximo Arteaga and Rufino Ortiz, recognized Peruvian guitarists, with whom formed a solid framework for musical artists like Jesus Vasquez, Lucho Barrios, Zambo Cavero, Pastorita Huaracina among others.
In 1990, it is known with two piuranos musicians and formed the trio Los Nortenos of Peru, this would last until 2000.
After a long break, resumed the cajon and percussion to join the recognized group of folklore APU INKA.

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